Mountain bike training in & around Alberton.

about us

for the love of mountain biking

Courageous MTB was established in 2020 with the goal of bringing back the excitement and team spirit into the mountain biking sport. We cater for children, teenagers and adults too, male and female riders, to ensure everyone conquers their mountain biking goals. Whether it be learning how to ride a bicycle for the first time or taking on a crazy competitive race, we have your back! With us, it’s more than just riding a bicycle, it’s loving the sport, creating a safe and supportive space, and passion for people


We have been inspired by our own riders who really excel or simply enjoy their mountain bike rides. We like the mooshy mooshy, “believing in each other” stuff and if you don’t, let us give you a hug. But don’t let our love fool you, we rock n’ ride like the ultimate cool We visit different mountain bike parks all over Gauteng to do our mountain biking training and even do fun mountain bike training camps. We have had the awesome honour to train people in the Netherlands and Lesotho.

Mountain bike training in Alberton
Mountain bike training in Alberton
Mountain bike training in Alberton

Children’s mountain bike skills & personal development

We present our lessons as fun mountain bike sessions but our students are still being educated. This includes learning about safety, teamwork, personal growth, full body development, all while exercising outdoors at the same time! 

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confidence for the ladies

Most men have that “brave or stupid” thing about them, which enables them to take on crazy mountain bike rides. Ladies like to think things through and keep their bodies in one piece. We understand this. Let us help you build your self-confidence on the bicycle. 

Mountain bike training in Alberton

beginner mountain bikers

Decided to join the mountain biking sport, went on a ride with your more experienced friends and got left behind? Yeah, we get it and we got you! 

Mountain bike training in Alberton

Mountain Bike Fitness Training

Not super keen on the offroad part of the sport and/or want to get fit? We use spinning classes to achieve this.